UX Leadership, design, and strategy.

I’m Diane Cronenwett, an experienced principal designer with a specialty in crafting holistic design strategy for Silicon Valley based Fortune 500 tech companies. I hold two Master’s degrees. My UX portfolio contains work from past companies, UX courses and UX writing (my opinion only).

I’m currently working at Meta. When I’m not launching products for billions of users, I write about design, and teach UX design on Linkedin Learning.

My teaching and writing reflect my personal journey finding a career in user experience. My point of view is from someone who has worked in the tech industry, from the vantage point of not having a formal education in design. I had passion for the craft, and great mentors to learn from.

I have experienced the same anxieties navigating a career in tech and pursuing my passion for user experience as many of the students watching my courses. View all my courses here.

Featured course

UX Foundations: Prototyping

Prototyping allows designers to quickly and inexpensively explore multiple iterations of designs. Prototypes can be submitted for testing and feedback, leading to better experiences for the business and for users. That’s why prototyping is a fundamental skill for any UX designer.

Explore the benefits, techniques, and tools of prototyping in this introductory course. This course covers the basics of building effective prototypes with the right “fidelity,” and getting more valuable feedback from your design testing. Learn how to build simple, satisfying prototypes on paper, and use digital prototyping tools like Moqups, InVision, and Axure to add interactivity and animation.

Skills: User Interface Prototyping


From the blog


UX Portfolio Case Study Examples

A companion site to my short course “Building and Maintaining your UX portfolio” on how to construct a UX portfolio case study, based on feedback from learners. The site walks through in detail what to include in your portfolio.

UX Syllabus

A suggested syllabus put together by Chris Nodder, LinkedIn Learning instructor, focused on understanding concepts in research and UX. The syllabus features various instructors. (You’ll find my courses in Interaction Design, section 4)