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UX workshops and career plans are just a few ways we can work together:

For individual contributors (ICs):

• You’d like to be your organization’s or team’s go-to person for design strategy and leadership.

• You’d like to map your career to find out how to get to the next level or achieve the design skills you need.

• You’d like to discuss common design problems and are looking for an experienced designer for feedback or guidance on developing frameworks.

For managers:

• You’d like to co-design UX workshops to upskill your team to develop design skills and abilities to conquer your organization’s most challenging design problems.

• You’d like a UX workshop focused on a design or design leadership skill that you’d like a design expert to teach.

• You’d like to develop a mentorship program or enduring learning strategy for your design team.

For career changers or new to UX:

• You’d like advice on how to get started in UX or feedback on your portfolio.

What would you want to partner on here? No problem, send a note on what you have in mind.

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