Hearsay Mobile

Social media management app


Hearsay Social is a social media management application for financial services professionals, allowing users to post content to multiple social networks at once.



Create a fully native experience, add features, and reorganize the content around the new features.



User observation to gather insights on most viewed screens, and iterated on design concepts with an iOS developer.



The design was released, and received positive reviews on the App store.

Before screens

Going to a native iOS experience

The previous version of the app was using web parts. The app needed a visual refresh, and reduction of friction points during the publishing process.

Defining information architecture

Organizing information around key activities

With the addition of new features, a new information architecture was required, and key activities were organized around the tab bar.

Defining key flows

Streamlining core app flows

Publisher flow

Activity flow


Refining interaction through prototyping

This video is a prototype I made in Keynote to test out the secondary navigation behavior, and interaction of replying to social network activity.

Rapid iteration

Quick feedback and updates

Working with an iOS developer, I was able to test the app quickly and give feedback on live builds. This is the publishing flow.

Final layouts and screens

The app was shipped and received positive reviews on app store