Intuit Intranet Redesign

Personalized Intranet


Redesign of the Intuit corporate Intranet, using personalization, and integrations into multiple employee systems.


Analyzed search log data, and qualitative feedback from user research.


Design received positive reviews from employees, and was used as a vision for a modular, personalized and visual intranet experience.


Search log analysis, Task analysis, Brainstorming, Feedback sessions, Gallery walk, Wireframing, Prototyping (Invision)

Reorganizing the Layout

Search focused experience with up to date relevant company information


Employees used the intranet to keep updated on company information, to access tools to do their job, and to access administrative systems (Workday, ADP, etc.).

Top complaints about the Intranet were:

  1. Search was “not great”
  2. Logging in to adminstrative systems was laborious
  3. Need for easier ways of finding company information

Personalized Home Page with Search Focus

Role and business unit specific content

Simplifying Common Tasks

Observation and Search log analyzation

Task Analysis

Subset of common employee tasks from Intranet:

  1. Requesting/viewing time off balance
  2. Viewing profile of another employee
  3. Viewing/signing up for Training
  4. Viewing Payroll
  5. Filing an expense
  6. Viewing/signing up for ESPP/Stock

Personalized Search Modules

Reducing friction for common tasks and searches

Design Feedback

Employees added their feedback, likes and wishes

Prototyping Search Interaction

Incorporating design feedback for search interaction


Updated search interactions and a vision for the future