About Diane



I’m a UX designer, with a background in Psychology, Library Science, and Informatics.

My expertise is crafting pragmatic design strategies which intertwine product strategy with delightful experience.

I create multi-year roadmaps, working closely with business partners, designers, and engineering to ensure the highest quality design for a flawless execution.

I love organizing information, and my curiosity has led me to work on diverse projects, including consumer mobile apps, social media, HR technology, advertising platforms, and gaming.


Teacher and Mentor

I teach design on LinkedIn Learning, and actively mentor newcomers in the UX field trying to get their first UX designer job by helping them navigate the creation of a UX design portfolio, and those switching careers into UX.

Dog Mom and Dilettante

When I’m not solving design problems at scale, I’m learning something new, watching films, and playing with my dogs.


What you should know about me

I don’t have a formal design background

I had passion, determination, and grit. I watched online courses, and learned on the job with great mentors. So, I understand what it means to learn UX from the ground up.

I teach what I wished others had taught 

Learning UX is no easy feat. To learn design well, you have to understand a lot of foundational and advanced concepts. I teach what I wished I had known early on.

Skills & Experience

User Research


Unbiased questions for exploratory research and product definition.


Persona Development

Modeling key users of the product based on research and insights.


Journey Mapping

Developing journey maps and other mappings of the user’s experience.


Contextual Inquiry

Naturalistic observation and informal interviewing to understand workflow.


RITE Testing

Identifying, and rapidly solving usability issues between tests.





Distilling user research into actionable insights and frameworks.


Card Sort

Information architecture organization technique to inform design.


Usability Testing

Creating test plans for remote and in-person research, and moderation.


Heuristic Evaluation

Conducting evaluations based on standard usability principles.


Cognitive Walkthrough

Uncovering key questions and conceptual models of the experience.




Sketching & Ideation

Rapid ideation of ideas, and sketching interfaces.



Low to high fidelity prototype creation, using a variety of tools.


Patterns & Design Systems

Creating, documenting, and testing of patterns across use cases and team.


Information Architecture

Defining navigation, structure, and organization of user experience.



Flow diagrams, and other diagrams to capture user experience.



High level depiction of experience, told visually.


Design Specs

Interaction documentation for engineering handoff.


Visual Design

Layout, hierarchy, and information design for usable, elegant interfaces.

Leadership & Soft Skills


Inspiring organizations through presentations and stories.



Design vision through workshops, design studios, and stakeholder alignment.



Supporting, sharing and cultivating design expertise.



Working cross-functionally, and with other designers to achieve amazing design.




Bringing a fresh perspective backed by research, insights, and originality.



Finding win-win solutions to  bottlenecks, or difference of opinion.


Grit & Determination

Making the impossible, possible, and not giving up while doing it.



Cross-functional communication, up and across the organization.


Process Improvement & Culture Development

Instilling and fostering processes that support a design culture.

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