Diane Cronenwett is a leader in the field of User Experience (UX), with a long career working at top tier, innovative tech companies.

Diane Cronenwett, LinkedIn Learning UX Instructor

Diane is a Principal User Experience Course Designer at a small company developing UX  courses.

Before that, Diane was a Lead Product Designer at Meta, focused on designing and shipping products for Meta Pay and connectivity products for Wi-Fi.

As a result of her design work, the products were improved by 8x for Meta Pay, and a substantial increase of users for the Wi-Fi product.

Before Meta, Diane worked at Amazon, LinkedIn, PayPal, and other large tech companies, solving complex problems simply.

Diane is known for her exceptional design ability, leadership, and product management capabilities to draft and create roadmaps and product visions for teams.

Diane has been an IC (Individual Contributor) and a Design manager, offering perspective in both capabilities, including structuring interview processes and mentorship programs.

I wasn't always a design expert and didn't always work at top-tier companies or teach UX design courses...

After graduating college with a degree in Psychology, I was lost. 

I wanted to try something different and thought I could be a Librarian. 

Turns out, I could have made a better librarian. It wasn’t the best career match for me. But, I discovered that I loved organizing information, which was the spark I needed. I continued to learn more about Interaction design and set out to be a UX designer, creating a portfolio and attending conferences to meet people in the field. 

I’m passionate about design, teaching design,  crafting design, and design leadership. 

I dream about design in my sleep, and I’m obsessed with ensuring design is scalable, functional, elegant, and beautiful. I’m on a mission to provide designers and organizations with an understanding of what design leadership looks like in practice- at any level. 

Why I teach UX courses

Early in my career, I made mistakes and received feedback from better designers. I spent numerous hours perfecting my designs, working at top companies. I want to help others by sharing my experiences. Learning the hard way will make your life easier, and you can avoid the mistakes I made.

My teaching philosophy

Design has a lot of abstract concepts, and if you didn't learn a certain way, some images might be difficult to understand.

I aim to simplify the content into easy-to-understand using pragmatic examples.
I don't believe in "watering down" content; I make the content more accessible.

Teacher and mentor

I teach design on LinkedIn Learning and actively mentor newcomers in the UX field to land their first UX designer job, including career changers.

I also mentor senior-level designers looking to uplevel skills in advanced UX and design leadership to lead design projects and initiatives.

Recent speaking engagements

Talk UX 2022

In more senior roles, you’ll be called upon to weigh on strategy discussions, and in some cases, drive business and product decisions through design. 

While design managers do some of this work, it’s not uncommon for IC leads to contribute to defining product strategy.

This talk outlines key components in defining product strategy as a designer.