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I help those new to UX prepare for UX interviews and established designers learn the design skills they need to lead design and excel in their UX careers.

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Featured UX courses

Learn how to create a UX portfolio and interview for a UX job to get hired. Upskill your UX prototyping skills, and learn how to design an experience across different devices.

UX Portfolio Design course from Diane Cronenwett

Building and Maintaining Your UX Design Portfolio

Learn what goes into a UX portfolio, and how to create a UX case study style portfolio.

UX job interviewing course on LinkedIn Learning with Diane Cronenwett

Job Interview Strategies for UX Designers

Interviewing for a UX job can be a challenge. This course gives you tips on how to get through the process.

UX Multidevice course from Diane Cronenwett

UX Foundations: Multi-device design

Learn how to design a multi-device UX experience across phone, watch, TV and other devices.

Dashboards and visualization ux course on LinkedIn Learning by Diane Cronenwett

Interaction Design: Dashboards &Visualizations

Learn about color, charts, and how to approach the UX design for a dashboard.

UX Prototyping course from Diane Cronenwett

UX Foundations: Prototyping

UX Prototyping helps you find out if your design is usable and solves your user's pain points.

UX design projects and platforms course by Diane Cronenwett

Interaction Design:
Projects & Platforms

The applications and platforms you work on may vary, but the user-centered design process can help you solve any design problem on nearly any kind of project. 

In this course you’ll explore the design process across different types of projects.

UX Essentials

UX design flow course from Diane Cronenwett

Interaction Design: Flow

Create UX flow diagrams and learn what goes into a flow for a user experience.

UX Interface Design course from Diane Cronenwett

Interaction Design: Interface

Learn visual design tips for creating clear and usable interfaces for UX.

Ux course by Diane Cronenwett Information architecture structure

Interaction Design: Structure​

Information Architecture is the structure of a website. You can learn about site maps and how to define an IA.

UX design deliverables course from Diane Cronenwett

Interaction Design: Deliverables

Learn about expected deliverables that UX Designers (or Product Designers) deliver.


Interaction Design: Design Patterns as Building Blocks

Design patterns enhance usability and help create intuitive designs. Learn how.

Interaction Design: Software & Web Design Patterns

Learn about shared web and software patterns. Enterprise or B2B interfaces are designed for a different purpose than consumer products.

This course introduces common design patterns for complex interfaces used when designing how people work.

Web and software patterns UX course by Diane Cronenwett

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