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Take UX design courses from a top UX designer.

Not just real world design experience, experience working at top-tier tech companies, leading design for products shipped to millions (and billions) of users.


The type of experience matters.

As an in house designer, I shipped products alongside engineers and product managers with amazing results. I’m excited to share my knowledge with you.

UX design courses

Take UX design courses from a top UX designer with real world experience working in leading Silicon Valley based tech companies. Courses available through LinkedIn Learning.

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Welcome to pragmatic design education minus the uncomfortable seating, where you can enjoy learning at your own pace in the comfort of your PJs. 

All joking aside, you might need to freshen up on some foundational design topics, or maybe you’ve been given a project that you need to learn UX skills, or need a framework of how to think about the problem. 

Why learn from me? 

I’ve been an in-house corporate designer working on large scale projects shipping products for millions and billions of users for 17+ years in highly competitive work environments. 

I know what it takes to:

  • Be hired into UX roles (both as an IC and as a manager), into highly competitive environments.
  • Be successful in UX and thrive. I’ve had multiple successes across different companies and design areas.


I can help you solve any design problem:

I’ve worked on an array of design projects from e-commerce UX, to extremely niche- Telecom data visualizations, and everything in between.

Using design frameworks and design thinking enables you to solve any problem. All of this info is sitting in my head, waiting to be passed on to you.

I teach concepts, ideas and approaches in a practical way to help you be successful in your design career path.

You're in good company

People who take my UX courses work at these companies:

Featured course

Interaction Design:
Projects & Platforms

 The applications and platforms you work on may vary greatly from client to client, user-centered design techniques can help you accomplish this central goal on nearly any kind of project. In this course you’ll explore the design process across different types of projects.

Trending courses

Learn how to create a UX portfolio and interview for a UX job to get hired. Upskill your UX prototyping skills, and learn how to design an experience across different devices.

Multi-device design (Updated 2022)
Building and Maintaining Your UX Design Portfolio
UX Portfolio Design course from Diane Cronenwett
Job Interview Strategies for UX Designers
UX job interviewing course on LinkedIn Learning with Diane Cronenwett
UX Foundations: Prototyping
UX low fidelity prototype
Interaction Design: Dashboards and Visualizations
Dashboards and visualization ux course on LinkedIn Learning by Diane Cronenwett

UX Patterns

Interaction Design: Software & Web Design Patterns

Interaction Design: Design Patterns as Building Blocks

UX Essentials

Interaction Design: Flow
UX flow course from Diane Cronenwett
Interaction Design: Interface
UX Interface Design course from Diane Cronenwett
Interaction Design: Structure
Ux course by Diane Cronenwett Information architecture structure
Interaction Design: Deliverables
UX design deliverables course from Diane Cronenwett

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