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Take UX courses from a top UX designer with real world experience working in leading Silicon Valley based tech companies. Courses available through LinkedIn Learning.

What you’ll learn:


Gain confidence and develop UX skills


Whether you are new to UX or looking to upskill to more Advanced UX concepts, you’ll find what you need in my UX course offerings.

My approach to teaching is to provide real life practical information that you need to understand UX design. The information is actionable.

UX Career related topics

Develop a portfolio and learn how to position yourself for recruiters and hiring managers.

Breaking into UX can be a challenge if you aren’t familiar with the hiring process. My courses prepare you for your next or first UX role. 

Popular Course

Job Interview Strategies for UX Designers

Skills: UX interviewing, UX career

Essential Course

Building and Maintaining Your UX Design Portfolio

Skills: UX portfolio creation

Foundational and advanced UX courses

From foundational to advanced UX topics.

Learning design requires foundational knowledge like understanding how to approach UX prototyping, the importance of Flow and Structure, and designing for multi-device scenarios.

UX Multidevice course from Diane Cronenwett

Popular Course

UX Foundations: Multidevice Design

Learn how to design for different devices and how to plan for your next multidevice project spanning Mobile, Desktop, and Watch.

Skills: Mobile UX design, Watch design, Responsive design, Information architecture

Interaction Design: Projects & Platforms

Skills: Interface design, UX, interaction design

Interaction Design: Structure

Skills: Information architecture, content inventory, layout, site maps

Interaction Design: Software and Web Design Patterns

Skills: Interaction design, patterns, design paradigms, enterprise ux

Interaction Design: Design Patterns as Building Blocks

Skills: Interaction design, UX patterns

Popular Course

UX Foundations: Multidevice Design

Skills: Mobile UX, Responsive design, Watch design, 10 foot UI, Desktop design

Popular Course

UX Foundations: Prototyping

Skills: Rapid prototyping, paper prototyping, Invision, Axure, prototyping process

Interaction Design: Dashboards and Visualizations

Skills: Data visualization, dashboard design

Interaction Design: Flow

Skills: Flow diagrams, interaction design

Popular Course

Interaction Design: Interface

Skills: Visual design, grids, iconography, color and typography

UX tools and process

Learn common tools and what typical deliverables for UX designers are. Tools change often in the field, so its good to learn a variety as they may differ depending on the company. 

Sketch: Mobile Design Workflows

Via LinkedIn Learning

Interaction Design: Deliverables

Via LinkedIn Learning

Hands on mobile prototyping for UX designers

Via Linkedin Learning

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