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Learn how to create an online UX portfolio​

This UX design course will guide you on how to create your own UX Portfolio using a UX case study approach. 

What you’ll learn:

What to include in a UX portfolio, what a UX designer portfolio (or Product Designer) looks like, how to write a UX case study, and tips for how to create a UX portfolio for beginners.

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I’ve been hired by top-tier Fortune 500 tech companies, and hired designers just like you. I can show you how to create a great UX portfolio that helps your work shine and attract the attention of hiring managers.

I know, because I’ve also been the hiring manager reviewing hundreds of portfolios.

I teach from a practical, lived experience, which isn’t theoretical or academic. 

It’s real world knowledge and education learned from working at the world’s most innovative tech companies.

Nice to meet you, I’m Diane Cronenwett.

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UX portfolios are a collection of the work produced by UX designers (or Product Designers or Interaction Designers), using the design process to solve business and people problems. UX Portfolios are a minimum requirement to getting a job as a professional UX designer (or Product Designer or Interaction Designer) 

UX Design portfolios are comprised of case studies, which are organized around how you solved business and user problems through design. The case study format is based on the design process, and shows design iteration and artifacts to help show your design results.

UX design case studies have project details, and design process artifacts like wireframes and design iterations, data, user research, and maps the user pain points to design solutions. You can find more details in my LinkedIn UX course.

UX Case studies should be very short on text, no longer than 2-3 sentences per section. Case studies follow a flow of a story, and you’ll want to write out everything before hand to make sure your wording matches the artifact. PRO TIP: Try Chat GPT to shorten the descriptions.

Portfolios are a culmination of work you’ve performed as a designer. As a beginner, try doing a project for a local business or for a charity to get some experience under your belt.

You can take UX courses on Linkedin Learning and Udemy.