Create a UX Portfolio that helps you get noticed. (And hired)

The market is rough and highly competitive. You might only get that call back if you have the correct information to create a strong UX portfolio.

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UX Portfolio course student feedback

“Clear, simple and useful. Grab a notebook and plan a great portfolio.”

Great, detailed guidance.

Insightful and detailed. Well presented.

“Course is short and sweet. In very simple structured format, it made the process unintimidating. It encourages viewers to start the UX portfolio effectively!”

“Excellent, short course straight to the point with amazing graphics and diagrams. instructor speaks clearly and enthusiastic about the topic of UX”

Clear explanations. I would definitely recommend this to people new to the UX field.

Give yourself a competitive edge.

Watch this course to increase your chances of getting noticed. It was updated based on my experience interviewing and reviewing UX portfolios on behalf of leading tech companies.

Who is this UX portfolio course for?

This UX Portfolio course is for anyone interested in learning how to create a UX Portfolio, even if you are a beginner. This course is aimed at people interested in careers such as product designer, UX designer, or interaction designer. This course is also great for UX-adjacent roles like Product Managers and UX Researchers.

UX Beginners

Even if you’ve never heard of UX before, you’ll start to understand what is needed to create your UX Portfolio.

You’ll get practical advice on what to do if you need to gain experience in UX.

UX Career Changers

You may have experience in a different field and want to know how to create your UX portfolio. 

This UX course will help you get what you need to get started.

Mid level Designers

When looking for a new UX job, you’ll want to organize your UX case studies in an easy-to-understand format. 

You’ll learn how to distill your work into stories.

Senior level Designers

You might be ready for your next role, and you’re looking for a refresher on how to organize your UX Portfolio. 

You’ll get pointers on how to improve and optimize your UX case studies.

You'll be in good company.


Nice to meet you! I’m Diane Cronenwett.


Learn from an industry professional who has been hired with a solid UX Portfolio.


Why learn from me?

I’ve been hired by multiple leading Fortune 500 tech companies using the same strategy I teach in this UX Portfolio course.

  • I teach from a practical, lived experience that isn’t theoretical or academic.
  • I’ve been a full-time employee for tech companies and had to go through the entire interview process.*
  • I’ve hired designers as a manager and created interview processes at these companies, so I know what companies and hiring managers look for in candidates.

*(Consultants and freelancers don’t undergo the same rigorous UX interview processes but take a different approach, which might differ if they are individuals.)

UX Portfolio FAQ's

What’s a UX portfolio?

UX portfolios are a collection of the work produced by UX designers (or Product Designers or Interaction Designers), using the design process to solve business and people problems. UX Portfolios are a minimum requirement to getting a job as a professional UX designer (or Product Designer or Interaction Designer) 

What should you put in a UX portfolio?

UX portfolios should include in-depth case studies of projects organized using the design process as a guide.

The case studies should include information about user and business pain points and the steps you took using design to solve those problems. Finally, they should consist of results.

What is a UX design case study?

UX design case studies include project details and design process artifacts like wireframes and design iterations, data, user research, and maps of user pain points to create design solutions. You can find more details in my LinkedIn UX course.

How do you write a UX design case study?

UX Case studies should be concise in text, at most 2-3 sentences per section. 

Case studies follow a story flow, and you’ll want to write out everything beforehand to make sure your wording matches the artifact. 

PRO TIP: Try Chat GPT to shorten the descriptions.

How do you create a UX portfolio for beginners?

Portfolios are a culmination of your work as a designer. To get some experience as a beginner, try doing a project for a local business or a charity.

Where can I take UX courses?

You can take UX courses from me. 🙂 My courses are currently on LinkedIn Learning and expanding to other platforms. Please take a look at my current UX courses here.

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