UX Resources and Free Downloads

Check out these free UX resources ranging from UX workshop problem statements to handing off for engineers when delivering an experience. 

Design Checklist_2

Checklist for dev handoff

Ship high quality UX design with your engineering partners using this checklist.

UX problem_2

UX Workshop Kit (Problem Statements)

UX Workshop kit for the alignment of the cross functional team to draft a problem statement (.fig) Figma file

From the blog

UX resources in the form of written articles, including step-by-step guides on important UX topics like building influence through storytelling, and curating your UX portfolio.

Debunking These Top 5 Myths about UX Designer Jobs

Common misconceptions on what the UX Designer job isn't.

Top 10 Common UX Portfolio Mistakes by Diane Cronenwett

Top 10 common UX portfolio mistakes

After reviewing hundreds of UX portfolios as a manager and a designer, these are the common mistakes and issues.

UX: 5 powerful visual design tips for delightful user experience

I learned visual design the hard way- on the job.

What's the difference between Interaction & Visual Design?

UX vs UI and how they both aid in usability.


UX portfolio curation tips to boost your career goals

Frame your UX portfolio to align with your career aspirations and goals. Curate and keep it up to date with these tips.

UX Workshop for Problem Statement header

How to facilitate successful problem statement UX workshops to empower team collaboration

Free template to help you influence, align, and shape the product through a team problem statement UX workshop.

UX designer jobs: User experience vs Interaction vs UI vs Product Designer

What are the role and responsibilities of a UX designer, and how does it differ from other similar titles? Let's find out.

What does it mean to ship a product? A UX perspective

UX design is part of the development lifecycle, and designers have an important role in shipping products.

UX Prototyping: 5 questions to ask yourself before you start

Create a problem statement to drive clarity

UX Designer Tools to enhance design and productivity

5 UX designer tools to enhance your designs and productivity

Make your life easier, speed up your workflow with these awesome UX designer tools.

Patterns for user experience

How UX Patterns Create Intuitive User Experiences

UX patterns are the building blocks of user experience.

RITE Testing UX Design

Rapid iterative testing your design for the win.

Medium articles focused on Design

UX design articles, insights, and ideas published to various publications on Medium from corporate blog posts to UX focused publications. If interested in learning more about UX, check out my courses.

UX designer's guide to working with engineers

A UX Designer's field guide to working with engineers

Published Via UX Collective

Stop motion technique for UX prototyping

How to use stop motion animation to make low-fi prototypes

Published in Intuit Engineering Blog Via Medium & LinkedIn  (UX prototyping)

In UX: Pitch the story, not just the idea

Foundational article setting the context and need for storytelling. Join thousands of others who’ve read this article.

UX storytelling 3 part series

Read my three part article series to learn how to organize, design, and present your content.

UX storytelling is a presentation that incorporates key elements of the user’s experience. 

Storytelling is a combination of content organization, presentation design, and delivery of the content. All elements are important. 

UX storytelling content on post it notes

In UX: Organizing content for maximum impact

This article focuses on structuring stories around users, and applying traditional story arcs to find and develop your story.

Published in the UX Blog Via Medium & LinkedIn

Storytelling in UX

In UX: 7 Design tips for powerful storytelling

Visual presentation and examples of UX storytelling presentations that have been used successfully in corporate settings.

Published in the UX Blog Via Medium