UX Storytelling demystified

Break down the elements of a good story structure and create a visual presentation to support your UX narrative.

Ever wondered what UX storytelling is and how to create a compelling UX story-based presentation?

Read my three part article series to learn how to organize, design, and present your content.

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UX Storytelling Process

People remember stories, and it is one of the most impactful and effective ways to garner your audience’s attention. Good storytelling can influence stakeholders to take an action on your ideas.

A well told story has the power to change minds, fund projects, and increase your personal brand as a good communicator in your workplace.

Why UX Storytelling is important

What is UX Storytelling?

UX storytelling is a presentation that incorporates key elements of the user’s experience.

How to create a storytelling presentation?

Storytelling is a combination of content organization, presentation design, and delivery of the content. All elements are important.

What are examples of UX Storytelling?

Typically these types of presentation are shown in-house to stakeholders, so its difficult to see examples, but I provide examples in my article.

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In UX: Organizing content for maximum impact

The heart of storytelling is the story. This article focuses on how to structure the story around the user, and applying traditional story arcs to find and develop your story.

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In UX: 7 Design tips for powerful storytelling

Article focuses on the visual presentation and includes examples of UX storytelling presentations that have been used successfully in corporate settings.

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